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Naomi Halas
Dr. Naomi Halas

ScienceRice Nanophotonics Experts Create Powerful Molecular Sensor

Nanophotonics experts at Rice University, including TAMEST Member Dr. Naomi Halas, have created a unique sensor that amplifies the optical signature of molecules by about 100 billion times. Newly published tests found the device could accurately identify the composition and structure of individual molecules containing fewer than 20 atoms. Read more about this powerful molecular sensor created at Rice University…

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EngineeringScienceTwo TAMEST Members Win Torbern Bergman Medal

UT Professors Allen J. Bard, Ph.D., and Adam Heller, Ph.D., were recently awarded the Torbern Bergman Medal from the Analytical Division of the Swedish Chemical Society. One of the most prestigious international awards in analytical chemistry, the medal has been awarded biennially since 1967. Read more about Drs. Bard and Heller…


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