TAMEST is what comes before the change you see in our state. A nonprofit and a brain trust for Texas, TAMEST convenes influential experts to promote cross-industry and cross-disciplinary knowledge sharing. Through TAMEST, research collides with industry. Our members make new discoveries, lay the groundwork for tackling critical issues, and change the course of funding, legislation, and society.

Founded in 2004, TAMEST promotes broader recognition of the state’s top achievers in medicine, engineering, and science, and builds a stronger identity for Texas as an important destination and center of achievement in these fields. With 270+ members, TAMEST is composed of the Texas-based members of The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and the state’s nine Nobel Laureates.

TAMEST brings the state’s top scientific, academic, and corporate minds together to further position Texas as a national research leader. TAMEST also fosters the next generation of scientists and facilitates awareness and communication among the state’s best and brightest about research priorities for the future.


TAMEST connects university leaders with the best and brightest minds from across Texas. Through events, discussions, and networking forums, academic experts gain the opportunity to build prestigious relationships and access cutting-edge information that can ultimately further the research and fund the projects that matter most.


TAMEST combines influential industry leaders with top respected scientists and researchers from across Texas and brings them together in forums that promote cross-industry and crossdisciplinary discussion. These experts address key topics that affect and drive what’s next in industry, and discuss the issues that matter most at a state and national level. With TAMEST, knowledge abounds, research from one industry fuels discussion and opportunity in another, and discoveries are made.


TAMEST is a nonprofit organization convening National Academies members, university leaders, and industry experts to serve the state of Texas with key research and findings about critical issues. We provide a nonpartisan platform where influential experts share cross-disciplinary and cross-industry information. Legislators have the opportunity to leverage the findings from TAMEST’s brain trust of members to make informed decisions, create a better Texas, and set the course for America.


TAMEST Members represent Texas’ most prestigious and respected experts in academia and industry. Members have the opportunity to serve as experts in their field at a state and national level, the ability to collaborate with other experts who can help further research and business, and the power to promote protégés at the annual conference and nominate peers for The National Academies.

Board of Directors

The TAMEST Board of Directors is composed of TAMEST Members who represent at least one of The National Academies (National Academy of Medicine, National Academy of Engineering, or National Academy of Sciences). Board members serve a 3-year rotating term with five new members elected each year.