Annual Conferences

In January of each year, the state's top researchers, corporate leaders and university presidents and chancellors gather to discuss cutting edge research within a broad array of fields including life sciences, medicine, aerospace, and energy. Attendees include TAMEST members, their designated protégés and special invited guests.

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Critical Issues Forums

TAMEST’s critical issues forums bring together leaders from industry, government, and academia to address areas important to the advancement of science, technology, and innovation in Texas. Each forum focuses on an issue or topic of major importance to Texas.

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Special Events

TAMEST holds special events related to projects and time-critical issues. In October 2007, TAMEST held an education forum titled Improving Science and Math Education: Texas Confronts the Gathering Storm at the Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University. More recently, the TAMEST Forum on the Research Mission of Universities was held in May 2011 and focused on the value of research at Texas universities and their vital role as engines of discovery, knowledge creation and economic growth.


TAMEST has held a number of events since its inception, including annual conferences, critical issues forums, and mid-year conferences. For information regarding events that have occurred in the past three years, visit our Archives section.